Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Months Old...or maybe 3 months?

Olivea hit eight weeks on Friday...I'm still not sure how old that makes her. I want to say two months, but really 8 weeks would mean she's already been around for two months and is starting her third month of life. (sorry this is a pretty dull monologue...stick with me) It's like stupid pregnancy math. I never knew how to answer people when they asked what month I was and came across as quite dumb to anyone who didn't know about the whole discrepancy between weeks and months.

At any rate she has discovered mirrors and will stare at herself until she falls asleep. This is excellent as it allows me the chance to finish the dishes. Also she looks really adorable when she falls asleep on her play mat. She stretches out spread eagle, like a little comatose snow angel.

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