Monday, May 4, 2009

mmmm...rice cereal

Olivea is 4 months old now, and she gets more interesting everyday. It's such a cliche, but time is whizzing right by. At her pediatrician's suggestion I'm giving her some solids. So far she's just had rice cereal and avocado. She likes the cereal but isn't a big fan of avocado.

In other news my husband was laid off, although if he does well on several tests he'll be able to get a job at the company again in a different capacity. The lay off package gave us a few months to work things out, so we're doing okay. But the whole thing leaves me a worried mess.

My official job is the family worrier. I'm the one who has heart attacks about everything from being 5 minutes late to the size of our debt. My husband has a much more cavalier everything will-work-out attitude, and frankly I worry about that as well. I recognize that we are in a good position compared to a lot of people out there and that things very likely will work out. But I'd still feel better if he was worried too. It's silly but true.

The upside of this is that the daddy /daughter relationship has grown leaps and bounds. We've cut down on daycare, and he's been watching her a few days a week. She definitely looked to me as the primary care giver for a while, and now it is more evenly split. She has just as many smiles for daddy as she does for me.